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Unique Australian-Made Promotional Products for Australian Businesses

YAY! Australia specialises in promotional merchandise solutions that are available for delivery across Australia. Our aim is to provide high-quality Australian-made promotional products that align your brand by supporting local Australian manufacturers. Contact us today for expert advice and guidance and our team will be on hand to help.

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About YAY! Australia

At YAY! Australia, we have over 20 years of experience in promotional products, offering a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of our many customers. We’re proud of our long and proven track record of providing quality promotional merchandise solutions for a wide range of Australian businesses. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how our Australian made products can transform your marketing strategy.

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What We Offer

We provide a comprehensive range of Australian Made promotional merchandise solutions.


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Our Australian Made promotional merchandise includes a huge range of options to suit every need – whether you’re a corporate business looking to impress clients, a young start-up trying to reach a youth audience or a small, independent business with plans to expand, we have the right promotional merchandise to align your brand with Australian Made.

We can help you match the right products to your marketing goals – just give our team a call and we’ll provide a bespoke package of inspiring ideas based on our range.

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YAY! Promos

YAY! Promos supplies quality corporate promotional products branded with your logo. From corporate gifts such as notebooks and powerbanks, to staff clothing and headwear as well as promo items for trade shows and conferences plus thousands more promo product ideas.


YAY! Wedding Favours

YAY! Wedding Favours is here to make your wedding day unique, special and completely unforgettable. We can help you achieve this through a huge range of personalised favours to support your big day.


Yay! ECO

YAY! Eco’s offers a range of eco-friendly bags, notepads and pens, which can be branded with your business logo as promotional items. They’re the perfect eco-materials for your employees at their meetings and networking events.


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Yes, our products range is only Australian made. Our Australian product manufacturers have been sourced through the Australian promotional products association industry.

As our products are wide ranging and they each have their own raw component requirements to make the finished products, not all raw components are made in Australia because of the fact these raw components do not have any manufacturers in Australia. For example, there are no Australian paper mills producing Australian paper. For the products that require paper, the paper is sourced in large rolls from Asia or Europe. Whereas the product like pewter items that we offer, the raw metals required to alloy the pewter, come from mines in Western Australia. All our product range is manufactured (moulded, cut, mixed, branded, assembled and packed), here in Australia by Australian workers.

Yes. We are proudly Australian owned and operated company.

Some of our products range carries the Australian Made logo. This is due to some of our Australian suppliers applying for the Australian Made license for some of their products. The Australian Made logo may therefore appear with certain products images on our website. The use of the Australian Made logo may therefore be allowed to be branded with your logo on these products (should you require).

Yes. We can ship all our products Australia wide. We can even offer split deliveries to different destination in Australia. The only product in our range that may have an issue being shipped to certain states within Australia (due to different quarantine laws in each state), is ‘seed sticks’. However, we have a list of certain ‘seeds’ that we can share with you, that are allowed in all states of Australia.

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YAY! Australia is proud to offer our clients quality Australian made merchandise that we supply fully branded with your logo. Please contact us to enquire how we can help to supply Australian made merchandise for your next marketing campaign.

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