Guide to choosing the best local promotional products for your business

Guide to choosing the best local promotional products for your business

Australian Made promotional merchandise is a trusted and cost-effective marketing tool for building brand awareness and leaving a lasting impression on customers. Recent studies show that 88% of all people remembered a brand better once they had received a promotional product from them. At YAY! Australia, we see even further benefits when choosing Australia Made products for your promotional merchandise and corporate gifts, as it shows your brand values high quality and supporting local businesses and workers. When it comes to choosing which products will work best for your business goals, there are a few key points to take into consideration.


The more useful your promotional product is, the more likely your customers are to you use them again and again, helpful to further increase your brand awareness. So think about what products your customers and clients are most likely to use day to day.

Your Logo

You want your logo to be eye-catching and visually appealing on the promotional products. For this it is important to carefully consider colour options and logo placement to ensure you are presenting your brand’s identify in the best way possible.


Your merchandise should be relevant to your brand. Finding the perfect products for your brand will ensure that your customers identify with your merch and the values of your brand. Choose unique products that clearly represent your brand and your customers will be sure to love them


Aligning your brand with high-quality products means your customers will associate your brand with high-quality. By showing your customers that you value Australian Made merchandise, it will further reinforce your brands integrity. Poor quality items won’t be appreciated by customers and are unlikely to be kept and used. Also considering the sustainability of your products is a great way to show your customers what is important to you as a business.   YAY! Australia has a great range of high-quality Australian Made merchandise and can work closely with you to find the best promotional solutions that will leave a lasting impact on your customers.